Clipmaker: Create a New Clipmaker Project

Getting started with Clipmaker

By default Clipmaker is not immediately available when your 3Play Media Pro account is activated. To have Clipmaker enabled please contact your 3Play Media account representative or email

Once enabled the Clipmaker tab will display at the top of the page.

Step 1- Click Clipmaker tab

Click on Clipmaker to start a new project.

Clipmaker for transcripts

Step 2- Click New

Click New Clipmaker project

Step 3- Configure and create project

Next name this new Clipmaker project and set the project Ownership to either Private  or Shared.
Name and Ownership can be edited after the project is created. 
Choose to either include All or specific folders only for Select Resources. The resources included in your project cannot be edited after the project is created.

After configuring the project, click Create.

Step 4- Start working on your Clipmaker project

After clicking Create you will be directed to the Clipmaker project management page. 
Click Open in Clipmaker to begin creating new clip reels and saving them to this project.

Open New Project in Clipmaker

Next steps...

Create a clip reel


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