How is Audio Difficulty Measured?

Unlike other transcription and captioning companies who add surcharges for factors that may or may not actually increase their costs we only charge you more if your file is measurably difficult. How do we know how hard your file is? That is where our nerdy side kicks in!

Our unique process for generating time synchronized transcripts leverages cutting edge automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology to generate a draft document. Professional editors then use our adaptive software to review every word, editing only where necessary. The harder the file is the more editing it will require. Our process allows us to then use a robust and reliable statistical model to determine editing difficulty. This model "thinks" like the ASR process; it knows when the ASR process had difficulty in determining the words spoken. This model then assigns a difficulty score to each of your files.

To view individual file difficulty scores on your past files, navigate to the My Files page in your 3Play Media account.

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