Blackboard Collaborate: Download an MP4 Video from the SAS

The steps below explain how to download a Blackboard Collaborate converted MP4 file to your computer. This may be necessary to publish your recording on YouTube, Vimeo, or other video platforms.

It may be necessary to upload the MP4 file to 3Play Media for captioning as an alternative to the link method described in the support article Blackboard Collaborate: How to Add Captions to Recordings.  


Step 1- Navigate to My Recordings

Log into the Blackboard Collaborate and navigate to the My Recordings page of the SAS interface.
Click the play button beside the recording that you want to download.

Blackboard Collaborate Convert My Recordings

The recording will then open in a media player embedded in the SAS. 


Step 2- Click Download

Click the download button in the media player and save the MP4 file to your computer. 

Blackboard Collaborate SAS download mp4

Once you have the MP4 on your computer you can upload the file directly to your 3Play Media account to begin the captioning process.

See more information on uploading videos directly from your computer for captioning.

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