MediaSpace Module: Overview

Kaltura MediaSpace is an out-of-the-box video portal that lets you create your own campus or corporate YouTube. In contrast to the Kaltura KMC, which only allows administrators to publish video, MediaSpace allows numerous contributors, providing greater collaboration across a multitude of channels, projects, and communities. MediaSpace is often used as a corporate tube for employee training, executive communications, or a video product gallery. Media companies use it to create ad-supported video catalogs, or a PPV experience for movies/shows, or as a tool to support user generated content and citizen journalism. Educational institutions use it as a video campus tube for sharing class and library materials, student uploads, and alumni related content.

Once the integration between a Kaltura KMC and a 3Play Media account is set up and the MediaSpace module has been enabled by Kaltura support, users can then set up this integration to streamline their closed captioning workflow for content residing on this portal. This captioning workflow is streamlined in that upon completion of the transcription process, closed captions are automatically added back to the content residing on MediaSpace.

MediaSpace closed captions integration


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MediaSpace Module Setup

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