MediaCore: Integration Setup

Step 1- Navigate to New Linked Account

From the My Files page click Upload. By default you will be directed to Upload > From Computer.
Hover your cursor over Linked Account and from the drop-down menu that appears click +New Linked AccountLink new YouTube channel for captioning workflow

Step 2- Select MediaCore

Click the MediaCore icon from the list of video platforms and lecture capture systems.

MediaCore logo for closed captioning transcription integration

Step 3- Enter credentials

Enter your MediaCore credentials.

  • Nickname: My MediaCore 
  • Hostname:
  • Username: Admin Email Address
  • Password: Admin Password

MediaCore credentials closed captions transcription integration

Best Practices: 3Play Media encrypts the password but it is recommended to create a user and password that is solely for 3Play, not another user account. the user should have the ability to manage videos in the MediaCore account.

Step 4- Enable Postback Data and Tag Based Auto Upload (optional)

Set Postback Data and Tag Based Auto Upload to On to take advantage of these integration features for a seamless captioning workflow. Please note that both of these features are optional.

 MediaCore closed captioning integration features

Postback Data

Turn Postback Data to On to have captions, upon completion of the transcription process, automatically sent to and associated with the MediaCore assets. 

Tag Based Auto Upload

Turn Tag Based Auto Upload to On to enable the ability to submit caption requests directly from MediaCore.

If you do not want to use the Tag Based Upload, and upload directly from Mediacore without the use of tags, you will need to enter your 3Play Media secret API Key.  You can do that by following this guide.

Step 5- Click Create Account

Once you have entered your credentials and enabled the desired integration features, click Create Account.

Create MediaCore linked account for closed captioning transcription integration

Next steps...

Upload MediaCore Videos from a Linked Account

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