Wistia: Add Captions to a Wistia Video

Step 1- Log into your 3Play Media account

3Play Captions Transcripts Login


Step 2- Select your file

Select the file associated with the Wistia video you have had transcribed.
When selected, the box to the left of the filename will become checked and the line will become highlighted in blue.

Captioned transcribed 3Play Media file list


Step 4- Click Request Download

Click on the Download button located above your list of files.

Click Download Button


Step 5- Download the SRT file format

From the pop-up menu click the download icon besides the SRT file format.

Wistia SRT file download

After clicking the icon, the SRT format will download.  

Step 6- Log into Wistia

Wistia login


Step 7- Select Wistia project

Click on the project containing the video you want to add captions to.

Select Wistia project


Step 8- Select Wistia video

Click on the video you want add captions to.

Click Wistia video


Step 9- Video Actions > Customize

Click Video Actions and from the drop-down menu that appears, click Customize.

Wistia Video Actions Customize to add 3Play Media captions

Step 10- Upload Captions

After clicking Customize click Captions located on the left-hand side of the page.

Closed Captions for Wistia

Click Upload and then select the SRT file that was downloaded in step 5.

Upload SRT closed captions to Wistia

Once added the CC button will appear to all viewers who view the video within your account.
The closed captions will now be included with your embed codes, if you are using Wistia's SEO embed code type.

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