Upload Ooyala Videos to 3Play Media- From The Ooyala Backlot


There are two ways to upload Ooyala videos: (i) from within a 3Play Media account or (ii) Auto Upload, which allows uses to submit requests directly from the Ooyala Backlot by labeling content. This article explains the second way, the Auto Upload method.

After an Ooyala account has been linked with a 3Play Media account (a one time process), videos can be uploaded to 3Play Media directly from the Ooyala Backlot (without logging into 3Play Media).

By creating and adding labels to videos in the Ooyala Backlot, 3Play Media will know to automatically upload those videos for processing. Different turnaround service levels can be assigned by applying a variation of the 3play tag as detailed in step 7. Videos can be tagged for Standard, Rush, Expedited, Same Day and Extended turnaround service levels.

Audio Description can also be ordered with labels however, you must create a label named 3play_ad_processed  as detailed in step 8. Without the 3play_ad_processed label the 3Play Media system will fail to pull in the Audio Description requests.

You will receive notification emails confirming successful uploads.

Step 1- Log into 3Play Media

3Play Media login 

Step 2- Access the Linked Ooyala Account

Click on Linked Accounts located on the top of the page. You should see your Ooyala account as a choice here if you have successfully linked this account to your 3Play Media account.

Linked account button in 3Play UI

Step 3- Click Edit

Once you have located the linked account, click Edit


Step 4- Enable Auto Upload

From the Settings page, set Auto Upload to On and click Update.

Step 5- Log into the Ooyala Backlot 

Ooyala Backlot login

Step 6- Click on Manage

At the top of the page, click on Manage.

Ooyala Backlot Manage tab

Step 7- Create Turnaround Labels for Captions 

With Auto Upload enabled, Ooyala account holders can create specific labels and add them to videos within their Backlot which sets the turnaround service level. Once labeled, files will automatically be submitted to 3Play Media.

Every hour 3Play Media checks for newly labeled videos and pulls them into our system for processing.

See more information on creating labels in your Ooyala account.

3Play Labels

Labels for Captions

Important Note: The label named 3play_processed must be created when setting up the integration. Without this our system will fail to pull in the requests for captioning. 

In addition to the required 3play_processed label, create the following labels to request captions for specific turnaround times:

For Standard Turnaround,(4 business days) create the label        3play
For Expedited Turnaround (2 business days),create the label       3play_expedited
For Rush Turnaround (1 business day),create the label                    3play_rush
For Same Day Turnaround (8 hour),create the label                       3play_same_day
For Two Hour Turnaround, create the label                                     3play_two_hour
For Extended Turnaround (10 business days) create the label      3play_extended

Once a file is pulled into the 3Play Media system, the file will have the label 3play_processed.

The label 3play_processed does not indicate that caption request is complete. 

See more information on 3Play Media's Turnaround Service Levels.

Step 8- Create Labels for Audio Description

Labels for Audio Description

Important Note:  Audio Description can also be ordered with labels however the 3play_ad_processed label must be created! Without this our system will fail to pull in the requests for Audio Description.

You can also order Audio Description (AD) from your Ooyala account, once the transcription process is complete.  Use the following tags to order Audio Description (AD):

For normal AD: 3play_ad 

For extended AD:3play_extended_ad

Ask your account manager to activate the module, that will turn on faster turnaround times for AD.

Once this has been activated, here is how to order faster turnaround:


Expedited is 2 day, and carries an extra cost of $2, on top of standard AD turnaround price.
Rush is 1 day and carries an extra cost of $4, on top of standard AD turnaround price.



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