Ooyala Integration Overview

3Play Media has an end-to-end integration with Ooyala. This integration allows you to transfer your media files directly from the Ooyala Backlot to your 3Play Media account for processing. After your files have been processed, captions can be automatically sent back to your Ooyala account.  These features can be enabled when you link your accounts.

This forum provides articles with step-by-step instructions on setting up the integration, submitting content, monitoring job status, and adding captions without using the integration as well as embedding interactive plugins with your Ooyala player on a webpage. 

After your content has been transcribed in English by 3Play Media, you can submit transcripts to be translated into other languages and added to your Ooyala videos. 


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How to Link or Update Your 3Play Media Account to Enable the Ooyala Integration

How to Enable Captions to Postback Automatically

How to Upload Your Ooyala Videos to 3Play Media- From Your Ooyala Backlot

How to Upload Your Ooyala Video to 3Play Media- From Your 3Play Account

How to Embed the Captions Plugin with Your Ooyala Player on Your Webpage

How to Embed the Interactive Transcript with Your Ooyala Player on Your Webpage

How to Manually Add Captions to a Ooyala Video

How to Submit English Transcripts and Captions for Translation


Ooyala Backlot Captioning Integration

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