Ooyala: Add Captions to Your Ooyala Video (without using the integration)


Step 1- Click the File

Find and click on the file associated with your Ooyala video.

Select your file


Step 2- Click Download

Click on the Download button located above your list of files.

Request download


Step 3- Download the DFXP file format

From the pop-up menu click the download icon for the DFXP format.
After clicking the icon the file will immediately begin downloading to your computer.

Download DFXP format


Step 4- Log into your Ooyala Backlot account

Ooyala Backlot login


Step 5- Navigate to the Manage tab

Ooyala Manage page


Step 6- Upload the DFXP file

Select the video you downloaded the corresponding DFXP file for. In the Details panel under Closed Captions, click Upload. Select the DFXP caption file you downloaded in step 1. Once the file has finished uploading, it will be associated with the video asset and viewers will be able to see closed captions.  A CC symbol will appear in the player whenever that video is viewed.  If you downloaded multiple DFXP files, repeat this process for the other corresponding videos.

Ooyala Details Upload Closed Captions

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