Upload Ooyala Videos to 3Play Media- From Your 3Play Account

To complete this process, you need to link your Ooyala and 3Play Media accounts.
See more information on linking your Ooyala and 3Play accounts.

Step 1 - Click Order Services

After logging into your 3Play Media project, click on Upload Media located in the upper left-hand corner of the page.

Upload thePlatform videos for captioning

Step 2 - Choose Main Service

Select the default service English Transcription and Captioning to have 3Play Media create your captions from scratch. If you already have a transcript that you would like 3Play Media to sync with a Brightcove asset, select Alignment, here is more info on Alignment.  Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) is also an option.

Select transcription captioning or alignment services

Step 3 - Select Turnaround Time 

Next set your turnaround service level and click Continue.


See more information on turnaround service levels.

Step 4 - Order Instructions (optional)

After selecting a turnaround service level, check the box to include order instructions for this order.

Note that order instructions are optional so click Next should they not be necessary.



Provide correct spellings of product names, people, technical vocabulary, acronyms, and other terminology occurring in the content that is unique, propriety, or not widely known to better help with the transcription process.

Please note that the purpose of order instructions is not to provide instructions to inform the transcription process but only for providing spellings that are not easily researchable or cannot be inferred by content itself. 

They can be attached as a PDF or in a 500 character limit note.

Click for more information regarding default project-level and folder-level order instructions

Once order instructions have been provided, click Next.

Step 5 -  Select Add-On Services: Audio Description & Vertical Caption Placement

Check the box next to Add Audio Description and/or Add Caption Placement under Add-On Services to order these services.

Audio Description

Once the box Add Audio Description is checked select one of three options: Standard Audio Description, Extended Audio Description, or Use 3Play’s Recommendation.

Drop down menu to select either Standard or Extended Audio Description

Learn more about the difference between Standard and Extended Audio Description here

If you are unsure as to whether your video will require Standard or Extended Audio Description, you can opt to Use 3Play’s Recommendation. Learn more about using 3Play’s Recommendation here.

See more information regarding Audio Description

Vertical Caption Placement

Check the box Add Caption Placement under Add-On Services to also include this in the order. 

See more information regarding vertical caption placement

Click Next.  

Step 6 - Select Ooyala Videos to Upload

Select Ooyala Videos

Step 7 - Select Folder Location

Select an existing folder to upload your content to or create a new folder for this batch.
Once a folder has been selected click Continue.

Select Folder Destination


Step 8 - Review Order and Cancellation Policy

Review your order summary.

If you notice in your summary you would like to if you would like to change the destination folder, turnaround time, service type, or selected media files please go back and make the desired changes BEFORE clicking Place Order

Read the cancelation policy and check the box acknowledging that you have read the policy.

Verify settings and upload

Add Captions to Your Ooyala Video

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