JW Player 5.8: HTML5 and Adjusting the 3Play Media Embed Code

Below is an excerpt of the 3Play Media embed code when working with HTML5 and JW Player 5.8.  

In previous non-HTML5 JW embed codes, the video object ID was "mediaplayer".  Now when working with HTML5 and JW Player 5.8, it is now "container". Note:  An additional line has to be manually added, "html5_container_id": "container", 


window.p3_async_init = function(){
"container" : {
  "player_type": "jw",
  "file_id": 11111,
  "html5_container_id": "container",
  "transcript": {
    "skin": "frost",
    "can_collapse": false,
    "collapse_onload": false,
    "can_print": false,
    "can_download": false,
    "scan_view": false,
    "width": "638px",
    "height": "200px",
    "target": "transcript1"
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://p3.3playmedia.com/p3.js"></script>
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