Kaltura: Add Translations to Your Video

Once your translations are complete, you can add them to your video giving your audience the ability to toggle between subtitles in other languages.

Follow the steps below to get started...


Step 1- Log into your 3Play Media account

3Play Media login


Step 2- Navigate to My Files

Click on the My Files tab on the top of the page or click the Access My Files icon.

My Files transcripts captions


Step 3- Select the file

From the list of files, click on the file you have had translated. 
When selected, the filename will be highlighted blue.

Select file


Step 4- Click Request Download

Located above your list of files, click Request Download.

Download translations


Step 5- Select the SRT file format

From the Request Download menu, check the box for the SRT file format.
After selecting the SRT file format, click Continue.
All of the completed translations you have had done for this file will be included in this download. 

SRT Kaltura Translations subtitles 


Step 6- Name your download

By default your download's name is the date and time. The download can be renamed anything you want. For example, in the image below this download has been renamed SRTs_translations_for_Kaltura.

From this menu you can also opt to have an email notification sent to you when your files are ready to be downloaded. To do this, check the box next to Email me when my download has been created and is available for me to download. By default this box is not checked.

Once you have made your choices, click REQUEST DOWNLOAD.

SRT translations Kaltura


Step 7- Click on My Downloads

Once you receive the notification email that your files are ready to download, click on My Downloads on the My Files page.  

My Downloads


Step 8- Download your files in different formats

After clicking My Downloads you are directed by default to Available downloads.
When the Available button is depressed, the menu lists download requests that are ready to be saved to your computer.
Click Download and these files, including your translations, will be saved to your computer in a .zip folder.

SRT translations

If you have yet to receive an email notifying you your files are ready to download or have opted out of receiving an email, you can check the progress of your download request by clicking on Processing
When the Processing button is depressed, you can see the percent complete under Progress
When the files are finished processing they will be listed under Available and can then be downloaded.

Processing download


Step 9- Log into your Kaltura account

Kaltura login KMC


Step 10- Click on the Content tab

At the top of the page, click on the Content tab.



Step 11- Locate your video

On the Content page, locate the video you downloaded translations for in step 8.


Step 12- Click on View Details

Once you have located your video, click on View Details from the Select Action drop-down menu. 

View Details Kaltura 


Step 13- Click on Captions

After clicking on View Details the Edit Entry pop-up menu will appear.
Click on Captions on the left-hand side of the menu.

Captions Kaltura KMC Edit Entry 


Step 14- Click Add Another Caption

Add Another Caption Kaltura


Step 15- Click Upload File

Under File Type, make sure that SRT is selected.
Then click Upload File.
Select the SRT file you downloaded in step 8 from your computer.
When you select your SRT file you will want to note which translated version of the captions you are choosing. 

Upload SRT file 

Under the Language column, select the language that the SRT file is in.
Under the Label column, type in the name of language that the SRT file is in. This is the label that your audience will see on your Kaltura player when given the option to toggle between languages.

Repeat this step for every translated version of your captions you want to add to your video.
Once you have added all of your translated SRT files and the Status columns for each SRT file says Ready For Save, click Save and Close.

 Save translated SRT files

Now when you preview your video content with a caption-enabled player, you should be able to toggle between the different languages you added.

Kaltura player with translations





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