Kaltura: Send Captions Automatically to Kaltura

Follow the steps below to enable 3Play Media to automatically send your captions back to your Kaltura account.


Step 1- Navigate to your linked Kaltura account

Click on the Upload tab located on the top of the page followed by Linked Accounts.  
You should see your Kaltura account as a choice here if you have successfully linked this account to your 3Play Media account.
Click on your linked Kaltura account.

Click Kaltura Linked Account



Step 2- Click Settings

If you clicked on your linked Kaltura account you will be directed to a page listing your Kaltura videos. 
Click on Settings.

Click Settings


Step 3- Turn Postback Captions on

When you have turn on Postback Captions, click Update to save your settings.

Kaltura Turn On Postback Data

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