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Translation combined DFXP Brightcove

Once you have had your Brightcove content transcribed by 3Play Media, you can submit the completed file for translation directly from your 3Play account.

IMPORTANT NOTE:The Brightcove player is limited in it's language track support. If for example, Spanish is ordered for two different regions (Latin America and Spain) then the two of the translations share the same language code, "es" resulting in one is overriding the other.

Unfortunately the workaround is manual and the Brightcove user needs to make the modifications. An alternative code needs to be used for the second Spanish track and use the labeling system Brightcove has outlined here:

See more information on submitting a transcript for translation.

Once your translations are complete, you can create and add a multi-lingual DFXP file to your Brightcove video giving your audience the ability to toggle between subtitles in a variety of languages.

See more information on creating a link to a multi-lingual DFXP file and adding it to your Brightcove video.

See more information on creating and uploading a multi-lingual DFXP file to your Brightcove video.


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