Brightcove Legacy: Enabling the JavaScript API in Your Brightcove Player

Before embedding the 3Play Media plugins with your Brightcove player, you need to take the following steps to enable the JavaScript API in your Brightcove player.

Step 1- Log into your Brightcove account

Enter your account information and password and log in.

Brightcove login

Step 2- Go to the Publishing page

On the top of the screen, click on Publishing.

Brightcove Publishing tab

Step 3- Select the player 

Select the player you want to use for publishing.

Step 4- Select Settings

After selecting the player you want to enable, click on the Settings tab.  This will take you to the Global menu.

Brightcove settings


Step 5- Enable the Javascript API

On the Global menu, check the box EnableActionScript/Javascript APIs.

Brightcove enableActionScript/Javascript APIs

Step 6- Save Changes

Click Save Changes to ensure you have enabled your Brightcove player's JavaScript API



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