Close an Invoice to Pay by Check

On the last day of each month invoices move from the Current to the Closed/Unpaid state.
You can pay your 3Play Media invoice by check/cheque but first the Current invoice must manually be closed to ensure the invoice does not continue to accrue expenses and that the amount sent by check is the exact amount owed.

Follow the steps below to learn how to pay an invoice by check/cheque or immediately pay by credit card before the last day of the month.

Step 1- Navigate to Billing

Click on Billing located at the top, right-hand side of the page.

3Play Media Billing


Step 2- Select Current Invoices

From the Invoices section of your 3Play Media Billing page, click the Current Invoice tab.Current Invoices


Step 3- Click Close Invoice

Locate the invoice you would like to close and under Actions click Close Invoice.Close Invoice


Step 4- Confirmation Menu

A confirmation menu appears next after clicking Close Invoice. 
If you are ready to close the invoice click Yes-Close Invoice.

Confirmation to close invoice

All billing contacts will be emailed a copy of this invoice as a PDF.


Step 5- Print Invoice for check or pay by card

Navigate to the Closed/Unpaid tab within Billing > Invoices and locate the invoice you just closed.

If paying by check-

Click the Invoice ID number to view the invoice.

invoice ID number

Click Print Invoice located at the top of the invoice so a copy can be included with the payment by check.

Please add the Invoice ID # into the check's memo and mail your payment.

If paying by credit card-

Click Pay Now under actions after locating the invoice

pay invoice now

Select Pay in full to pay the entire amount owed for this invoice.

If more than one credit card is on file, select the credit card you would like to use to make this payment.
Once you have selected one of the credit cards on file in your account, click Pay Now.

Pay invoice now 

If a credit card is not listed on file you will prompted to add one before being able to pay an invoice.





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