View, Print, and Download Invoices

Follow the steps below to print your invoice and download it as a CSV.

Step 1- Navigate to Billing

Click Billing located on the top, right-hand corner of the page.

Billing icon

Step 2- Click the Invoice ID

To open an invoice click on the ID # of the invoice to view charges, print a copy, and download the invoice as a CSV.
invoice ID

Step 3- View Charges from Completed Files/Transactions

Once the invoice is viewable, scroll down to view all of the completed transactions including transcription/captioning files, alignment files, account credit purchases, translations, and ordered caption encodings.

Step 4- Print Invoice or Download as a CSV

Scroll to the top of the invoice to either print a copy of your invoice or download the invoice as a CSV.
Click Print Invoice and a dialog box will appear that will allow you to print the invoice for your records.
Click Download CSV and the invoice will automatically download to your computer as a CSV file.


Step 5- Navigate back to Invoices





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