Autopay Setup

Enable Autopay as an alternative to manually paying your invoices each month . Once set up, an invoice is automatically paid on the 28th of the month using a designated credit card.

At the time of billing, users with Billing and Invoices permissions enabled will receive a receipt via email that an invoice has been paid automatically.

Autopay can be turned on or off at any time. Please note that for Pro accounts, if you only have one card listed, you will need to add another credit card in order to turn off Autoplay.

The credit card designated for making payments using Autopay can be changed.

Step 1- Click on Billing

Click Billing located in the top, right-hand corner of the page.

Billing icon


Step 2- Click Credit Cards

Click Credit Cards from the Billing menu located on the lefthand side of the page.

Click Credit Card


Step 3- Click Set Up Autopay

Set Up AutoPay button

Step 4- Start Autopay

If you have multiple credit cards saved to your account, select the credit card you would like to designate to Autopay invoices. If one credit card is saved to your account, Autopay will default to that card.

After selecting a credit card, click Start Autopay. Start Autopay


Step 5- Confirm Autopay setup

A confirmation should appear on the Credit Cards page Autopay settings have been updated.
Autopay Card will be listed to right of the credit card designated for Autopay.

Autopay is On will be listed above the Autopay Settings button.

Credit Card Autopay confirmation page


Turn Autopay off or use a different credit card

Click the Autopay Settings button located at the bottom of the Credit Cards page.
From this menu, you can either select a different credit card to Autopay invoices or disable Autopay.
Click the dropdown menu and select from the credit cards saved to your account that you would like to use.
Or if you would like to disable Autopay, check the box to turn Autopay off.

Once you have made you selection, click Save Changes A message will appear confirming that the Autopay settings have been updated.

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