Email Notifications and User Permissions

When a user is granted access to a 3Play Media account, certain permissions can be enabled for the invitee.
Certain user permissions will generate email notifications associated with that particular permission to all account users with that permission enabled.

The list below describes the user or account action that will trigger the email notification.

See more information on user permissions.

NOTE: All users with upload permissions receive email notifications when files are completed. This can be deactivated from the account system.

See more information on deactivating email notifications for completed files.


Manage Users NO n/a
Manage Invoices and Biling YES ...invoices close and are ready to be paid on the 28th of each month.
Upload YES ...files are successfully uploaded, completed or if there is a problem related to the upload request. Even if the Completed Files notification is disabled, users will still receive Rejected File notifications. 
Edit NO n/a
Publishing Control NO n/a







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