API: Convert Frame Rates

If the frame rate of the target asset is different from the frame rate of the source content that was uploaded to your 3Play account, the API can be used to convert frame rates.

To take advantage of this account feature, Content Publishing must first be enabled within your 3Play Media account.
See more information on Enabling Content Publishing.

Once Content Publishing is enabled, follow the instructions below to convert and then download a version of your file with a different frame rate.

Step 1- Select the file

Locate the file from the My Files page that you need to download.
Click the file's name to open the file level actions menu.


Step 2- Click Quick Link icon

Click the Quick Links icon located above the transcript.

Closed captions and transcript links


Step 3- Select Favorite Format link

From the drop down menu that appears click a SMPTE format from your list Favorite Formats. 
Please note you can only change the frame rate of a SMPTE caption format.

SMPTE closed captions publishing link

Step 4- Click the URL

Click the link from pop-up window that appears after a SMPTE format is selected.
Once you click the link the file will open in a new browser window in the format that was selected in step 3.

SMPTE captions publishing link

Step 5- Modify the URL

For this step, please note:

The values used for source_framerate and target_framerate in this step are for demonstrative purposes.
The values you add for source and target frame rate will be unique to your specs.




to the end of the captions' URL. This modification must be added after the file format extension.


The URL, after modifying it, will look similar to this:


Once the URL is modified, click Enter/Return on your keyboard to convert to the specified frame rate.

Step 6- Download the converted file

After clicking Enter/Return on your keyboard, the captions will convert to the target frame rate value.



to the URL after the target frame rate.

The URL should now look similar to this:


Click Enter/Return again on your keyboard and the file will download to your computer.

NOTE: Converting and downloading a file over the API does not permanently change the frame rate properties of the file                that resides in your 3Play Media account.

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