What is a Project?

When your 3Play Media account is set up by your account manager, by default it is considered a project.
When you log into your account to upload, download, and manage your files you are doing so within a project.

If your account contains more than one project, you will be able to switch between the different projects.

See more information on switching projects.

Why would I want multiple projects?

-Projects are meant for situations where you want more discrete control over user access or billing. 
-Projects should not be created to organize existing files

Organizing your files within one project

-You can create an unlimited amount of folders within a project and you can move files from folder to folder within a project.
-You cannot move files from one project to another project.

See more information on creating a new folder
See more information on moving files to a different folder within the same project

How do I create a new project?

If you would like an additional project set up within your account, please contact your 3Play Media account manager.

How do I switch between projects once I have more than one?

See more information on how to switch between projects

How do I set a default project?

If you have more than one project, you can pick a project to land on by default after signing in.

See more information on setting a default project 

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