Attach a Cheat Sheet/Glossary to a Pending File

Add a note or attach a PDF to a pending file to achieve the most accurate output possible.
Provide correct spellings of product names, people, technical vocabulary, acronyms, and other terminology occurring in the content that is unique, propriety, or not widely known to better help our team.

Cheat sheets can be  also be added at the FOLDER or PROJECT level.
See more information on folder and project levels cheat sheets. 

Step 1- Click the File

After uploading a file to your 3Play Media project click the name of the file. 

Step 2- Click Add Cheat Sheet/Glossary 

Next click Add Cheat Sheet/Glossary.


Step 3- Save Cheat Sheet/Glossary

Enter a 500 character max note and then click Save.

Save Glossary Cheat Sheet to file

Attach a PDF

Alternatively a PDF can be attached to a pending file.
To attach a PDF, click Choose File and select the PDF that corresponds to the pending file.

Save PDF to file

After attaching the PDF click Save.

A message box will appear at the top of the page that the Cheat Sheet has been successfully saved! 

The text entered or the PDF attached is viewable from file page view.

Edit A Cheat Sheet/Glossary

Once a cheat sheet has been saved it can be edited as long as the file is still in the Pending state.
To edit the cheat sheet/glossary, click on the name of the file.
Click the Edit icon located above the saved cheat sheet.

Edit Glossary Cheat Sheet for file

After making the changes to the cheat sheet/glossary click Save and a message will appear that the cheat sheet has been successfully updated!

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