Upload Using Links

The following article explains the Upload Links method.

Step 1- Click Upload

Click Upload on the top, left hand side of the My Files page.

 Step 2- Enter Links

Once Upload is clicked you are directed by default to Upload > From Computer.

Click the tab named From Links.

Upload YouTube links and http links for captioning transcription

Enter one link or multiple links and click Add.
Once you added your links they will be listed in your upload queue. 

Add a YouTube or http link for captioning transcription

Click Upload to proceed

Supported links that can be processed

For this method to work links must point to downloadable files that are transferred over HTTP
These links will end with a media file extension like .mov, .mp3, or .flv.

Examples of links that can be processed:


See more information about supported formats and codecs.

YouTube links are also supported as long as they link directly to the video and are public within your YouTube account. If a YouTube link is copied from a web browser, the "s" may need to be removed from HTTPS to ensure the link can be be processed. 

Step 3- Choose Service

From the Service tab select either the English Transcription and Captioning default service, Spanish-Latin American Transcription and Captioning, or Alignment.

Choose the default service to have a transcript created from scratch using your media file (video or audio) as the reference and combines a technological approach with human clean up. Upon completion of the transcription process the file will be available for download in a variety of caption and transcript file formats. 

Choose Alignment service if you already have a transcript that you would like to have synced with a media file. Once complete the file will be available for download in all of the same caption and transcript file formats as if the media file had been submitted for the default service.

Spanish-Latin American Transcription and Captioning, is NOT a translation service.  This service is used for Spanish content, that needs Spanish-Latin American Transcription and Captioning.  

See more information on 3Play Media's Spanish Transcription Service.

From here you can choose to add Automated Caption Placement or Manual Caption Placement to your file. Click here to learn more about our Vertical Caption Placement services.

After choosing your services click Continue.

Step 4- Select Turnaround Time 

Next set your turnaround service level and click Continue.

Select turnaround time for transcription of content

Step 5- Select Folder

Select an existing folder to upload your content to or create a new folder for these media files.
Once a folder has been selected click Continue.

Select destination folder

Step 6- Review Order and Cancellation Policy

Review your order summary.

If you would like to change your folder, turnaround time, service type, or media files please go back and make changes BEFORE clicking Place Order.

Please read the cancelation policy and check the box acknowledging that you have read this.
It is recommended to know how to cancel a file BEFORE uploading your content.


See more information on how to cancel a file in the pending state.

Step 7- Place Order

Once you have reviewed your order checked the box acknowledging the cancelation policy, click Place Order.

Captioning transcription upload and place orde

Once Place Order is clicked your files will begin uploading and will start in the Pending State.




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