Purchase Account Credit

Follow the instructions below to contact your 3Play Media account manager to purchase Account Credit at a discounted rate.

Please note that you must have a credit card on file to purchase Account Credit and have Manage Billing and Invoices permissions enabled for your user profile.

See more information on adding a credit card to your 3Play account.

The following icon appears in multiple locations within your 3Play Media account:

quickly purchase account credit or check remaining balance

Click Buy to be directed to a form to contact your account manager to purchase account credit.

Step 1- Navigate to Billing

Click Billing located on the top, right-hand corner of the page. 

Billing icon

Step 2- Click on Account Credit

Click Account Credit located on the left-hand side of the page listed under Billing

Account Credit

Step 3- Fill out the account credit form

Fill out the information in the form displayed on the Account Credit page including contact information and the amount of credit you would like to purchase.

Purchase account credit for closed captioning transcription at a discounted rate

Step 4- Submit form

After filling out the account credit form, click Contact Account Manager to submit the request.

Contact 3Play Media account manager to purcahse account credit at a discounted rate

Once submitting this form your account manager will then reach out to you shortly to discuss your volume purchase.

Please note that if you have an open invoice, the outstanding balance will automatically be deducted and factored into the Final Account Credit line item on this pop-up menu.


Remaining Account Credit

The hours of account credit remaining can be found on the Billing > Account Credit page.
The hours of credit available is broken down into the different turnaround service levels available. 

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