Dubbing: Order with Transcription & Captioning

Before getting started please make sure Dubbing has been enabled on your account. If you do not see it on Step 2: Optional Services then notify 3Play Media to activate this feature.

Additionally, please note that a Translation Profile must also be created within your 3Play Media project to allow for Dubbing to be ordered. This can be the same profile used for Subtitles & Translation orders or an additional profile.

Once Dubbing is activated and a translation profile is created, follow the steps below to request Dubbing during the ordering process in addition to Transcription & Captioning, Audio Description or Subtitles & Translation orders. 

Please Note:  Files must first be transcribed in their original language to create an initial transcript for our Dubbing vendors to follow. Turnaround deadlines for Dubbing services files are in addition to the original turnaround deadline for the initial transcription service. 

Step 1- Click Order Services

After logging into 3Play Media, click Order Services on the upper, left-hand side of the My Files page.

Step 2- Select Main Service

Select a main service such as Transcription & Captioning or Transcript Alignment under Choose Main Service. Note: AI Dubbing can only be ordered on English source content.

Then select you turnaround time and add any optional order instructions. 

When ready, click Next 

Step 3- Click Dubbing

Click Dubbing located under Add Optional Services. Audio Description, Subtitles & Translation, and Caption Placement services can also be selected here.

Step 4- Select Languages

Select the languages you want your video dubbed in from the dropdown menu. Alternatively, the search function can be used to find a specific language. Then select your translation profile.


Step 5- Review Estimated Cost

Please review the estimated cost for the options selected during Step 4

Note: Human-in-the-loop dubbing has a minimum duration of 5 minutes per file. Files under this minimum will be rounded up to 5 minutes. 

Step 6- Acknowledgment of Policy

Please check the box acknowledging that Dubbing cannot be refunded!
Once the policy has been acknowledged, click Next

Step 8- Select Folder

Create a new folder where the media files for this order will reside or select an existing folder to store these orders.

Please note, files can be moved between folders within a 3Play Media project before services are complete.

Click for information regarding how to move files to different folders

Step 9- Add Media Files to Order

Select the media files for the order. Remember that each selected language and service level will apply to every media file uploaded.

Click Start Upload and the media files will begin uploading.

When files are done uploading, click Next to review your order. 

Step 10- Review and Submit Order

Please review the services and turnaround times requested on the Finalize Order section of the form. Read the cancellation policy displayed on the Finalize Order page's right-hand side.

Note: if this is the first time ordering the service you will be asked to review and accept our Beta terms. AI Dubbing is currently a Beta service

After reviewing the order and cancelation policy click Submit to complete the ordering process.

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