How to change your Pro Subscription renewal status

This article is intended for 3Play Media users with a 3Play Media Pro Subscription who want to verify or make changes to their subscription status. 


For more information on subscription details and the 3Play Media Pro plan; refer to the documentation linked here.

Step 1: Navigate to the Plan Overview Section of Billing

In the top navigation bar, select Billing.

  • If you do not have access to the Billing section or do not see it, contact a team member from your organization who has access to the Billing section of the 3Play Media account system.


Once in the Billing section, navigate to Plan Overview.


Here, you can see information about your 3Play Media Pro Subscription, including whether or not your account is enrolled to renew at the end of term.


Step 2: Change Renewal Status (if necessary)

If you are not satisfied with your current renewal setting, you can change the Renewal Status from this page. 


Click on Manage Billing. 


Make the appropriate selection and save or cancel changes. 

  • Accounts that want to terminate their Pro plan's early can reach out to 3Play Media Technical Support at for assistance. 


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