How to Upgrade from Express to Pro

This article explains how to upgrade a 3Play Media account from the Express account type to the Pro account type.

This article is only applicable to 3Play Media Express accounts. If the account type of your 3Play Media account is Enterprise or Pro, please consult 3Play Media Support at with any questions about billing, subscriptions, and feature access.


Step 1: Navigate to the Plan Overview Section of Billing

Click on Upgrade to Pro located in the top navigation bar of the 3Play Media Account System.


Alternatively, the upgrading page and plan information can be reached by going to Billing > Plan Overview.


When arriving at the Plan Overview page, the page should display like this:


If ‘Account type’ is not there, or if there is no ‘Upgrade to Pro,’ ‘Manage Plan’ or ‘Plan Overview’ appearing on this page, then the account you have accessed is not a 3Play Media Express account. 


Step 2: Select a Plan and Billing Frequency

Click on Upgrade in the Plan Overview section of the Billing page.


There will be an option to select the yearly subscription amount. Click on this to expand the different Billing Frequencies and progress through the subscription selection. Further details about the Pro subscription can be found in our documentation.


Select a Billing Frequency.

  • Monthly subscriptions are billed at the start of each month after the subscription has been selected in 12 equal payments.
  • Yearly subscriptions are billed up front at the start of the yearly term. 


Step 3: Select Whether or Not Your Subscription Automatically Renews


Beneath the Billing Frequency selectors, there is an option to select whether or not the term being agreed to will renew the following year. Selecting this option (the default selection) will automatically enroll the 3Play Media subscription into a second year. None of the costs for that upcoming year will be assigned until the start of that term, and the option to renew can be changed at any time by following the directions in our documentation.



After selecting a Billing Frequency and renewal status, click Next. 


Step 4: Select Payment Method

Select a Payment Method for the subscription. The options in this stage depend on the chosen Billing Frequency, as certain Payment Methods are not compatible with all Billing Frequencies (Monthly vs Annual). For example:



If monthly payments are selected as the Billing Frequency, then the only valid Payment Methods are Credit Cards. 



If annual payments are selected as the Billing Frequency, then the only valid Payment Methods are Credit Cards and Invoices. 


Step 5: Selecting a Credit Card

If you plan to pay your 3Play Media subscription via Invoice, you can skip this section. 


Add a credit card using the fields provided. Click Add Card when the required fields are properly filled. 


If a card has already been added to your 3Play Media account, then you can select the card in the section under Payment Method.


When complete, click Next to continue to the final step. 


Step 6: Adding Billing information for Invoices

If you followed the directions in Step 5 and chose to pay your subscription payments via Credit Card, then you can skip this section. 


*Note This section is only applicable if the Billing Frequency selected in Step 2 of this article is set to annual payments. If Invoices are the necessary Payment Method for your 3Play Media Pro subscription, then return to the Previous Step and select annual payments in Billing Frequency. 


Click I want to pay by Invoice and fill out the required information.


Click Save Billing Information when all the required fields are selected. This information can be edited at any time.

When complete, click Next to continue to the final step. 


Step 7: Complete Terms and Conditions section and Subscribe to 3Play Media Pro!

Read and agree to each of the 3Play Media Pro Subscription Terms and Conditions.

Ensure that the Amount Due matches the Billing Frequency selected in Step 2 of this article. Ensure that the Renewal Status matches the selection made in Step 3 of this article.


Click Subscribe to Pro after verifying the Terms, Conditions, and details. 


Upon successful completion of the form, the Plan Overview page will display with plan information and the Renewal Status and the Term Start and Term End dates, as well as the Billing Frequency.


Congratulations! Your 3Play Media account is now on the Pro Plan! Check here to see the new features now available to your account!


More information about changing your renewal status here.


More information about 3Play Media Pro accounts here.

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