Standard Interactive Transcript Settings

Below is a view of the Interactive Transcript Settings menu followed by an explanation of the settings.

After making your selections, click Update Preview.

Interactive transcript settings

Skin: Defines the aesthetic of the Interactive Transcript.  

Height and Width: Set the dimensions for your plugin template in pixels (px).

Collapse: This gives your audience the choice to collapse and expand the Interactive Transcript.

Collapse Onload: This option will collapse the Interactive Transcript by default.

Progressive Tracking:  This option removes the default "highlighted" word.  Instead every word that is spoken will be "grayed out."

Downloadable Transcript: This gives your audience the option to download the text of the transcript.

Enable Keywords: This enables your audience to toggle between a normal view of the transcript and a Scan View. The Scan View works like a tag cloud and displays reoccurring words in a larger font.

Include TranslationsThis parameter will only be available if the file you are building the plugin for has been translated into other languages. By checking this box, your audience will have the ability to toggle between transcripts in the different languages the original file was translated to.

Less Scrolling: Interactive Transcript scrolls slower than it does by default

Progress Bar: Visual display of the progress through the transcript. When the viewer searches the transcript, matches will be marked on the progress bar. 
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