Plugin Templates

Before starting, the Interactive Plugins Module must be activated by your account manager.

Create a plugin template in order to publish a 3Play Media plugin. You can create as many plugin templates as you like!

Once you have created a plugin template, select a file from My Files and click Publish Plugin to view the embed code needed to publish your plugin. 

Step 1- Click Settings

On the top, right hand corner of the My Files page click Settings.

Transcription and Captioning Settings

Step 2- Click Plugin Templates

From the Settings menu click Plugin Templates located on the left-hand side of the page.

Plugin templates

Step 3- Choose New Template

Click "Create a Plugin Template"

Click new template for interactive transcript captions plugin

Step 4- Template Design

Next design the plugin template from the available parameters below.
Plugin Name 

Enter a name that will help you and your team easily identify this template when publishing a plugin going forward. Name the plugin template whatever you like!

From the drop-down list select the type of player you will be using when embedding your content on a webpage.

Player ID
Enter the Player ID from your content's embed code and enter it in this field.

See more information on how to identify what to enter for the Player ID

From the drop-down list select the type of skin you will be using when embedding this plugin template on a webpage. You have the option of embedding an interactive transcript or a caption plugin. "No Style" templates will inherit whatever css you have on your page. For advanced customization, please read, "DOC."

Enter a value for the height of the plugin in pixels. Please note that for the interactive transcripts, this value specifies the height of the transcript, not the entire plugin. 

Enter a value for the height of the plugin in pixels.

Check the box next to settings that you would like to enable for your plugin. The available settings are:

Collapse On Load- The plugin is minimized by default when the page loads
Progressive Tracking- 
Downloadable Transcript- Gives the viewer the ability to download the transcript
Toggle Keywords- 
Include Translations- The viewer has the ability to toggle between other languages that you have had your English transcript translated into within your plugin.
Less Scrolling- Interactive Transcript scrolls slower than it does by default.
Progress Bar -
Visual display of the progress through the transcript. When the viewer searches the transcript, matches will be marked on the progress bar. 

Step 5- Save Plugin Template Design 

Click Update Preview to view the design as changes are made to the template.

Interactive transcript captions plugin update preview
Click Save My Plugin to save this design as a Plugin Template.
Once Save My Plugin is clicked you will be directed to your project's saved templates and there will be a message at the top of the page that this plugin template has been saved. By default you will land on the Interactive Transcripts templates. Click the Captions Plugin tab to view your saved plugin templates.

Interactive transcript captions plugin templates


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