Track My File

The Track My File feature can be used to track the progress of a delayed Transcription Job or a Transcription Job that may miss its deadline. 

Enable the Track My File Module

To use this feature you must first contact your account manager or 3Play Media Support to have the module added to your account. Once added, you can enable the module within your project's settings.

Navigate to Settings > Modules > Track My File then click Activate.

List Of Services In Jeopardy

file list

Once the Track My File module has been activated and there are file(s) in Jeopardy, or files that may miss their deadlines, the section "Services In Jeopardy" will appear on the left-hand side of the screen under Activity.

Click Files In Jeopardy to view all the files that have missed their deadlines or are estimated to miss their deadlines. Click a file from the list to view its details.

Specific File In Jeopardy

specific file

Once a specific file is clicked from the Files In Jeopardy section, you will be taken to a page that shows an estimated time for completion.

Alternatively if a file is in jeopardy, you can view the Track My File information from the file show page. Click Track My File located under Delivery Time within the file's Details section. Clicking Track My File here will take you to the Track My File progress bar.


Track My File Progress Bar

Once you click on the Track My File hyperlink, you will see the Track My File progress bar. Here you can see exactly where in the process your file is at the time. This will also tell you when the file is estimated for completion.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the Current Estimated Delivery Time on the Track My Files page is different from Delivery Time as you normally see on every file in the system.

Delivery Time: Based on a 3Play algorithm which is automatically generated for each file.

Current Estimated Completion Time: Based on the estimate of a 3Play Operations team member who has personally reviewed your job.

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