Download a List of Files for Excel

Follow the steps below to export a report formatted for excel of all of your project file activity.
Please note: If a project contains a large amount of files the report will be emailed to the requester once generated.

Step 1- Click Account Overview

Click Account Overview located at the top, right-hand corner of the page.

Transcription captioning translation overview

Step 2- Expand project's overview

Export data from the current project you are in.
Super Users in an account containing multiple projects will be able to export data for any project from the Account Overview page.
Click the uncollapse icon to view a project's breakdown.

captions transcripts translations encoding overview

The following breakdowns are displayed within a project in addition to your project ID #.

Project ID: Shows ID # unique to your project
 Lists all files and their current states
Services: Displays file count for transcription, alignment, translation, and encoding requests
Transcription: Displays the different turnaround times requested for your project's files
Users: Displays all users with project access and their permissions  

Step 3- Export Data

Click Export Data to download a project report formatted for excel.

Export Data for Excel

The report downloads as a .txt file but is formatted for Excel so when copied and pasted into an Excel doc this information into an Excel document.

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